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Swiss Collets TF25

For Swiss Lathes Smooth & Grooved Bore

  • For Swiss type CNC automatic lathes
  • Straight shoulder
  • Available in smooth or grooved bore
  • Excellent bore finish
  • Collet Angle:
    TF25 Series: 16°
  • Custom collets can be made per your requirements
Industry Series ID Style Guide Dia OD B F Nose Length E OAL ID Bore Size Click On Part # To Order ID Bore Size Click On Part # To Order
TF25 ROUND SMOOTH 25mm 35mm 27mm 10mm 77mm 1/8" TF25-RM-01250 4mm TF25-RM-4M
3/16" TF25-RM-01875 5mm TF25-RM-5M
1/4" TF25-RM-02500 6mm TF25-RM-6M
5/16" TF25-RM-03125 7mm TF25-RM-7M
ROUND SERRATED 25mm 35mm 27mm 10mm 77mm 3/8" TF25-RE-03750 8mm TF25-RE-8M
7/16" TF25-RE-04375 9mm TF25-RE-9M
1/2" TF25-RE-05000 10mm TF25-RE-10M
9/16" TF25-RE-05625 11mm TF25-RE-11M
5/8" TF25-RE-06250 12mm TF25-RE-12M
11/16" TF25-RE-06875 13mm TF25-RE-13M
3/4" TF25-RE-07500 14mm TF25-RE-14M
- - 15mm TF25-RE-15M
- - 16mm TF25-RE-16M
- - 17mm TF25-RE-17M
- - 18mm TF25-RE-18M
- - 19mm TF25-RE-19M
- - 20mm TF25-RE-20M